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2012-02-16 07:54 am

Comics: Machine Man

Recently, I started reading Machine Man v1. 19 issues long, it's about a sentient robot soldier called X-51 who was raised as human by his creator Dr. Abel Stack. He gave X-51 the human name of Aaron Stack.

Aaron struggles with being a robot in a human's world. The army wants to destroy him, and all he wants to do is help humanity. Oh, and figure out who or what he is! So there is a lot of manpain! Or should I say robotpain?? Along the way, Aaron makes a friend, Peter Spaulding, who happens to be a psychiatrist. Jack Kirby writes and draws the first nine issues, and the artwork is classic Kirby, which I love. Chrome and circuits everywhere! I mean, wait until you see the spaceships!


I haven't gotten very far (issue #6) but I think people should read it. You will want to either slap some sense into Aaron Stack or give him a big hug.

Oh lol, I suck at comics reviews. I'm like "Oh just read it, :D? :D?" with the bare minimum of reasons. Ha!
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2012-02-10 09:40 am

The Fastest Cat Alive!

This is for [personal profile] dancesontrains, who wanted the Fastest Cat Alive! We were speculating on the existence of a Flash who happened to be a cat. He could hang out with Streaky! ...Or run away from Dex-Starr D:

First, I drew this version:

It wasn't quite what I wanted. He looked a little stiff and whoops, in the shape of the Puma logo.

So. Now we have this:

I hardly ever do digital coloring, but how could I not have the glorious primary colors of the Flash uniform? More importantly, will Flashcat defeat that floating menace of a top??

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2010-03-07 11:47 pm

Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle


And he can. SERIOUSLY. :DDDD
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2010-03-05 09:44 pm

Seven Soldiers

Klarion meets delicious fudz

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2010-02-25 03:51 pm

Batman: the Red Hood Arc

This is more Batman spam, but least I am posting now rather than letting my accounts languish in disrepair.

The Red Hood aka The Red Hood Trolls Black Mask

When we begin in Batman #635, Bruce is engaged in battle with the mysterious and trolly Red Hood.

The fight climaxes with Red Hood yanking off Bruce's hood. Red Hood decides do likewise. Bruce's shocked expression is amazing. Look at the intensity!! The manpain is palpable. :')
MY GOD!!11

More panel spam here! Nothing too spoilery in case you haven't read it yet. And if you haven't OH GOD, GO READ IT. HERE'S WHY: )

More later! Including ONE OF MY FAVORITE NIGHTWING ARCS :D. Sponsored by Batboots!® on your face!
I never noticed the BAT!logo on the bottom of Batman's boots before. Oh Bruce :')
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2010-02-24 11:19 pm
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The introduction of Talia al Ghul in Batman

I think this might be Talia al Ghul's first appearance in Batman. This from the Saga of Ra's Al Ghul, a four part miniseries printed in the 80's which was actually a reprint from the 70's. So.

Batman was tracking the ominously-named Dr Darrk, who had just happened to kidnap Talia. Batman and Darrk duked it out. Then Darrk's henchmen battered him with sticks until he passed out. This is when he came to:
hello stranger :) :) :) :)

Bruce panicked about his hood being off and they assessed the situation. Talia chose this time to introduce herself:
hellooo nurse!

They parted ways eventually. Then some kidnapping shenanigans ensued. At one point, Batman battled a leopard! And climbed a treacherous, snowy mountain while snipers rained bullets in his general direction. Why? All because Ra's had to *~*test*~* Bruce to see if he was suitable for his daughter :'D

This is my favorite panel so far:

I'm still missing two issues from the series. I know all this has been retconned to the moon by now but lol who cares.
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2010-02-16 09:26 pm
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2010-02-02 06:06 pm

And now for a round of… "I SHIP IT"

I've been reading Suicide Squad lately. I was reading Secret Six (okay, still am) but it was recommended I read Suicide Squad as well.

I'm around issue #35 but I'm missing a few issues so I had to have the DC Wiki and whatnot fill me in for the time being. Because see, I had to skip ahead and read where the Suicide Squad takes an involuntary trip to Apokolips.

More on that later, because I have to dig up #36 which is the stunning conclusion to the Apokolips arch. Plus, I really feel I must devote a separate post of scans for it.

First, check out these awesome sound effects :D




Also I've been reading Batgirl. Damn you, this is how I get sucked into the DCU isn't it >:(

PS: Amanda Waller is the very definition of GAR :D: