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This is more Batman spam, but least I am posting now rather than letting my accounts languish in disrepair.

The Red Hood aka The Red Hood Trolls Black Mask

When we begin in Batman #635, Bruce is engaged in battle with the mysterious and trolly Red Hood.

The fight climaxes with Red Hood yanking off Bruce's hood. Red Hood decides do likewise. Bruce's shocked expression is amazing. Look at the intensity!! The manpain is palpable. :')
MY GOD!!11

But oh no! The story rewinds about five weeks before we get to see who Bruce is gawping at in such stone cold shock. There's the usual unrest amongst the criminal element in Gotham. In the wake of the War Games fandango in which I learned to hate Bill Willingham, the skeevy Black Mask is king of the underground.

Bruce steps out for some air or to fight crime or whatever.
I love all Bruce and Alfred interactions

Meanwhile, some guy calling himself Red Hood lures some low-level thugs to a meeting. He has a present for them! They love it so much that they decide to work for Red Hood instead of Black Mask!
In true sociopathic style, Red Hood breaks the ice with a gift for his new friends

Somewhere in the night, the Batman cracks a joke.
Don't quit your night job, Bruce

While elsewhere, Black Mask hires Mr. Freeze as an interior decorator.
It's Li's "?" that completes this amazing panel. Black Mask appears to be contemplating lint or something equally exciting

The Red Hood decides to throw down the gauntlet:
LOL "BLACKIE". Red Hood does love his nicknames!

He just wants to be friends, see?

So Black Mask decides that maaybe he'll be BFFs with this mystery whackjob, much to the chagrin of his second in command.
If you can't beat them, hire them! Black Mask should listen to reason in the form of Li, but alas no :')

Red Hood switches negotiating gears and decides nah, he's rather have money.
You know that Red Hood pulled that number straight out of his ass, right?

I love all dramatic pauses ♥
Red Hood kicks his trolling up a notch. I love the little pauses before he bothers to respond to Black Mask's offer.

AHAHAHA. Black Mask, your Fiat awaits.
HAHAHA I hate all Black Masks but this made me lol. His poor long suffering second in command, what he must put up with ;_;

After a scuffle for Black Mask's precious cargo, the Red Hood reveals his true motive for trolling Black Mask to Dick :)
The lay of the land... translation Batman's attention, amirite?

More later! Including ONE OF MY FAVORITE NIGHTWING ARCS :D. Sponsored by Batboots!® on your face!
I never noticed the BAT!logo on the bottom of Batman's boots before. Oh Bruce :')
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