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I made a recent discovery that I have the Hub channel and, of course, on the Hub channel exists PONIES. But in my time zone, My Little Pony starts at 6am during the week, except for on Mondays, where it starts at 5:30am. Now, I am no means a morning person. No matter how hard I fucking try, I can't be a morning person. I'm really fucking tired of people irl trying to bootstrap me into being one because just because YOU can do it, doesn't mean I can do it so just lay the fuck off okay?

So. I thought, why not get up early enough during the week just so I can watch PONIES? Obviously, I could record it for later, but that defeats the purpose of this whole exercise, which is to wake up early and brainwash myself with unbridled lack of cynicism and the magic of friendship!

So far this week I have failed :'(

But there's always next week!

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