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I've been reading Suicide Squad lately. I was reading Secret Six (okay, still am) but it was recommended I read Suicide Squad as well.

I'm around issue #35 but I'm missing a few issues so I had to have the DC Wiki and whatnot fill me in for the time being. Because see, I had to skip ahead and read where the Suicide Squad takes an involuntary trip to Apokolips.

More on that later, because I have to dig up #36 which is the stunning conclusion to the Apokolips arch. Plus, I really feel I must devote a separate post of scans for it.

First, check out these awesome sound effects :D




Also I've been reading Batgirl. Damn you, this is how I get sucked into the DCU isn't it >:(

PS: Amanda Waller is the very definition of GAR :D:
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