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I've been reading Suicide Squad lately. I was reading Secret Six (okay, still am) but it was recommended I read Suicide Squad as well.

I'm around issue #35 but I'm missing a few issues so I had to have the DC Wiki and whatnot fill me in for the time being. Because see, I had to skip ahead and read where the Suicide Squad takes an involuntary trip to Apokolips.

More on that later, because I have to dig up #36 which is the stunning conclusion to the Apokolips arch. Plus, I really feel I must devote a separate post of scans for it.

First, check out these awesome sound effects :D



Next, check out this cover of Nightshade and Enchantress. LOOK THERE'S EVEN SPARKLES.

To summarize: let's see, the Squad is on a mission and Nightshade and Enchantress are partnered up. Normally, Eve is relatively even-tempered, but when she needs her *~*powers*~* she has to summon up her alter-ego/witchy side Enchantress. The only problem with this is Enchantress is batshit and doesn't get along with others. Waller found a temporary workaround where Enchantress' powers are reigned in by some necklace and I don't know, a ring worn by another team member. Neither Enchantress or Eve can remove the necklace. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING COULD GO WRONG, RIGHT?

In this scene, Eve summons Enchantress who is immediately like "OH HALE NO I'm not helping you guys out, fuck off!" so Nightshade is like "OH YES YOU ARE" and then they have to have it out:

LOL "CHUD!!" :D:

Enchantress is beat down by Nightshade and reverts back to her "normal" personality. Then Nightshade cops a feel. Well, maybe not.

I should add that so far about fifty percent of the fight scenes are occur between the teammates.

Also I've been reading Batgirl. Damn you, this is how I get sucked into the DCU isn't it >:(

PS: Amanda Waller is the very definition of GAR :D:
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