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Recently, I started reading Machine Man v1. 19 issues long, it's about a sentient robot soldier called X-51 who was raised as human by his creator Dr. Abel Stack. He gave X-51 the human name of Aaron Stack.

Aaron struggles with being a robot in a human's world. The army wants to destroy him, and all he wants to do is help humanity. Oh, and figure out who or what he is! So there is a lot of manpain! Or should I say robotpain?? Along the way, Aaron makes a friend, Peter Spaulding, who happens to be a psychiatrist. Jack Kirby writes and draws the first nine issues, and the artwork is classic Kirby, which I love. Chrome and circuits everywhere! I mean, wait until you see the spaceships!

I haven't gotten very far (issue #6) but I think people should read it. You will want to either slap some sense into Aaron Stack or give him a big hug.

Oh lol, I suck at comics reviews. I'm like "Oh just read it, :D? :D?" with the bare minimum of reasons. Ha!
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